News & Updates

A grid displaying the 17 Sustainable Developement Goals identified by the United Nations

Agility and the RBF elected to use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as a standard for categorizing ESG and impact investment metrics.

Assessing Mission-Aligned Investment Efforts: Progress and Challenges

In partnership with Agility and individual fund managers, the RBF seeks to develop and refine approaches to assessing the nonfinancial outcomes of our mission-aligned investing.
Photograph shows a procession of protesters carrying signs for equal rights, integrated schools, decent housing, and an end to bias.

Advocacy activities, like the 1963 March on Washington, educate the public and rally support for essential issues. (Photo from the Library of Congress)

Advocacy 101: Rules for Nonprofits and Funders

A new report by Bolder Advocacy explains how nonprofits can use advocacy and clarifies the rules for private and public foundations who support those efforts.
An image of the city of Sarajevo at sunset, taken from one of the hills that surround it.

Sarajevo, the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo by Michał Huniewicz.

The Western Balkans: A Region in Transition

A new Western Balkans program team examined the current state of affairs in the region and recalibrated our grantmaking guidelines to prioritize democratic practice and peacebuilding efforts.
A male and female ballet dancer spin against the lush natural background on the outdoor stage at Kykuit.
Photo by Fred Charles.

2018 Annual Review: The Pocantico Center

The Pocantico Center hosts conferences and meetings, artists residencies and performances, and public and community programs that support the Fund’s philanthropic activities. It also offers public access through forums, lectures, and educational programs focused on the Pocantico Historic Area’s buildings, gardens, and collections of decorative and fine art. Public tours of Kykuit are offered from May through mid-November each year, drawing 32,954 visitors in 2018.
Actors on stage stand behind a number of condoms inflated like balloons.

Members of Qendra Multimedia utilized experimental theatre techniques to voice the perspectives of a wide variety of characters in a small Kosovo town—as well as the observations of one well-situated tree. (Photo by Jetmir Idrizi.)

Qendra Multimedia’s ‘55 Shades of Gay’ Grapples with Social Reform in Kosovo

The envelope-pushing satire about the challenges and paradoxes of inclusion in the Balkans made its U.S. premiere in March.