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Heather McGhee and the cover of her book, The Sum of Us, which has a painting of two children, one Black and one White, at a swimming pool

The Sum of Us cover courtesy of Penguin Random House.

In new book, RBF Trustee Heather McGhee Examines the Costs of Racism

McGhee’s book, The Sum of Us, chronicles her journey around the country to explore the social and economic gains that result when people unite across racial divides.
A microphone in the foreground with a large crowd assembled outside, out of focus in the background. Maricic

Building an Anti-racist, Anti-sexist Institution

At our November board meeting, the RBF Board of Trustees approved a new statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that acknowledges our personal and institutional roles in the history of oppression that we are seeking to dismantle.
A portrait of two women sitting at a table in the Rockefeller Brothers Fund's office.

Oma Lee and Danxi Shen, young professionals from China’s growing philanthropic sector, who spent six months in the United States as the 2018 Richard Rockefeller Fellows.

The RBF Joins in Support of the China–U.S. Scholars Program

It is our hope that the one-time fellowship—and the academic collaboration it facilitates—will inspire the resumption of government-support for future people-to-people exchanges between the China and the United States.

Insurrection at the Capitol

In a statement, RBF President Stephen Heintz writes, "The violent attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday was distinctly un-American and an affront to our system of democratic government. Politicians who supported or enabled, actively or tacitly, this insurrection must be held to account."
Protestors wearing COVID-19 face coverings march across the Brooklyn Bridge and hold signs that read "Justice for George Floyd" and "Love and Peace"

Increased 2020 Grantmaking Boosts Democratic Integrity, Sustainable Economy, Racial Justice

This year, the RBF committed nearly $9 million in additional funds to support 11 grantees, including both long-term partners and new organizations, coalitions, and initiatives.