Central America

Program Guidelines Coming Summer 2021

The people and nations that call the isthmus linking North and South America home have long endured political, environmental, and social instability, including devastating periods of violent conflict. The persistent and growing impact of corruption, impunity, and climate change undermine citizens’ efforts to secure justice, peace, and sustainable futures. Despite serious challenges, there are powerful positive forces that are committed to changes in the distribution and access to power and wealth, to building inclusive and participatory democracies, and to effective stewardship of the region’s natural resources. The region’s rich ethnic, gender, age, cultural, and racial diversity is the basis of the dynamism needed to find innovative solutions. Recognizing the U.S. role in this history and its responsibility as a powerful neighbor, the RBF allocated a portion of David Rockefeller’s generous 2019 bequest to develop a grantmaking program focused on Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, a region that shares an interdependent history and ecosystem and that will benefit from a regional approach to pressing issues and important international engagements.

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