ESG Investments

  • Haze and pollution over eastern China as captured by a Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor satellite.
    Photo courtesy of NASA SeaWiFS Project.

ESG investments may not directly advance the Fund’s mission, but are proactively screened for Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria to ensure they reflect our philanthropic vision.

While ESG criteria may differ, they can include factors such as carbon emissions, land use, labor management, health risk, board diversity, and financial transparency.

ESG Investments as of April 2019

Fund Name Commitment Date Current Value* Asset Class Geographic Focus
Generation IM Global Equity Fund March 2014 $110,581,772 Global Equity Global
Agility Global Equity Impact Fund January 2016 $100,000,000* Global Equity Global
Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability Fund October 2016 $24,091,690 Global Equity Global
Ownership Capital Global Equity (USD) Fund March 2017 $63,257,072 Global Equity Global

ESG Investment Total: $265,349,076

*Reflects committed level; current market value approximates $67.4 million.

RBF 2017–18 Impact and ESG Investment Metrics [PDF]