Impact Investments

  • Noupoort Wind Farm
    In July 2016, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund confirmed its $12.5 million contribution to an investment consortium that's supporting Mainstream Renewable Power in South Africa.

The Fund defines impact investments as investments that both deliver market-grade returns and generate meaningful and measurable impact on the Fund’s mission to advance social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. Recognizing the growing attention to and relevance of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the RBF has elected to use the SDGs as a standard for categorizing ESG and impact investment metrics [PDF].

The Fund has set a target to allocate 20 percent of its portfolio to impact investments. From this pool, the Fund prioritizes investments that directly align with the Fund’s grantmaking programs, including investments in clean energy development.

Impact Investments as of July 2020

Investments Initial Commitment Amount Committed Asset Class Geographic Focus Description Mission Alignment
Generation Climate Solutions Fund II October 2014 $15,000,000 Private Capital North America and Europe Enhanced resource productivity/reduced pollution, waste, and emissions Sustainable Development
Turner Multifamily Impact Fund April 2015 $20,000,000 Real Assets United States Workforce housing Broad mission
Elevar Equity III June 2015 $12,500,000 Private Assets India and Latin America Services for underserved communities Broad mission
Sustainable Asset Fund (Vision Ridge) August 2015 $20,000,000 Real Assets United States Resource optimization across water, agriculture, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and transportation Sustainable Development
New Energy Capital Infrastructure Credit Fund February 2016 $20,000,000 Real Assets United States Renewable energy development Sustainable Development
Mainstream Renewable Power Africa Holdings Limited (MPRAH) July 2016 $12,500,000 Private Capital Africa Expanding renewable power supplies across Africa Sustainable Development
ARCH Venture Fund IX Overage, L.P. November 2017 $5,000,000 Private Capital North America Identify and capitalize on early-stage venture capital opportunities that arise from the convergence of advanced breakthroughs in life sciences, physical sciences, and information sciences Broad mission
Sustainable Asset Fund II (Vision Ridge) February 2018 $12,500,000 Real Assets United States Resource optimization across water, agriculture, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and transportation Sustainable Development
Ambienta III May 2018 $14,000,000 Private Capital Europe Resource efficiency and pollution control Sustainable Development
New Energy Capital Infrastructure Credit Fund II September 2018 $20,000,000 Private Capital United States Small and midsized clean energy infrastructure projects and companies Sustainable Development
ARCHFund X/Overage Fund X December 2018 $15,000,000 Private Capital North America Healthcare focused venture capital, with an emphasis on building companies around novel healthcare therapies and treatments Broad mission
Sustainable Water Infrastructure Fund (SWIF) November 2019 $12,500,000 Real Assets California, Australia, Chile Sustainable water and agriculture Sustainable Development
Redwood Grove Capital Fund, LP (Agility Global Equity Impact) April 2020 $13,394,529* Public Equity United States Corporate sustainability, mitigating climate change Sustainable Development
ReThink Impact II, L.P. April 2020 $12,000,000 Private Capital United States Female-driven technology funds focused on health, environmental sustainability, education, and economic empowerment Sustainable Development

Impact Investment Total: $204,394,529

*As this is the only impact investment to date in a public equity fund, the amount reflects current market value.

The above is provided for information purposes only and is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase, any shares in any underlying pooled vehicles or managers named therein.