Finance & Investing

Endowment Summary

The market value of the Fund’s investment assets approximates $1.3 billion.

The Fund also posts its annual audited financial statements and 990-PF forms as they become available.

Each year, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is required by law to distribute five percent of its endowment for charitable purposes.

Given the enormous and complex challenges facing today’s increasingly interdependent world, the Fund has worked over the last decade to leverage the remaining 95 percent of its financial portfolio to advance its mission to help build a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world through Mission-Aligned Investing. A rigorous Investment Policy [PDF] enables the Fund to achieve its long-term financial objectives while aligning its investments with its programmatic priorities.

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A case study by The ImPact tells the story of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Mission-Aligned Investing.

Mission-Aligned Investing Efforts

Fossil Fuel Divestment

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced it would divest from all fossil fuels in September 2014. See updates on our divestment progress.

Impact Investments

The RBF defines impact investments as investments that both deliver market-rate returns and generate meaningful and measurable impact toward the Fund’s mission. The Fund has set a portfolio allocation target of 20 percent for impact investments. See our current impact investing figures.

ESG Investments

ESG investments may not directly advance the Fund’s mission, but are proactively screened for Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria to ensure they reflect our philanthropic vision. Review our current ESG investments.

Gender and Racial Equity Lens (GREL) Investments

The Fund applies a gender and racial equity lens to its investment decisions with a goal to invest 25 percent of its endowment holdings with firms and funds owned by women and/or people of color. See our current GREL investments.

Active Ownership

The Fund structures its portfolio as direct ownership in order to exercise shareholder engagement opportunities according to its proxy voting guidelines adopted in 2017. Read more.


The RBF has been as transparent as possible about its mission-aligned investing decisions, motivations, and definitions, as well as its results, to provide practical information for other investors. Additional finance information is available on our Institutional Transparency page.


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