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Insurrection at the Capitol

In a statement, RBF President Stephen Heintz writes, "The violent attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday was distinctly un-American and an affront to our system of democratic government. Politicians who supported or enabled, actively or tacitly, this insurrection must be held to account."
Standing up for a Stainable World. Edward Elgar Publishing, December 2020.

Standing up for a Sustainable World

A new anthology tells the stories of impact investors and entrepreneurs, climate litigants, frontline defenders, and environmental advocates and activists who have opened pathways to a more sustainable development path.
Protestors wearing COVID-19 face coverings march across the Brooklyn Bridge and hold signs that read "Justice for George Floyd" and "Love and Peace"

Increased 2020 Grantmaking Boosts Democratic Integrity, Sustainable Economy, Racial Justice

This year, the RBF committed nearly $9 million in additional funds to support 11 grantees, including both long-term partners and new organizations, coalitions, and initiatives.
the pyramid outside France's Louvre museum at night
Since 2018, the Louvre Museum has allocated 5 percent of its €250 million endowment to investments with a focus on artisan and traditional craft businesses, cultural tourism, cultural heritage and education. Photo courtesy of

A Cultural Institution's Guide to Mission-Aligned Investing

Upstart Co-Lab's The Guide: what cultural institutions need to know about investing for values and mission describes how impact investing can help cultural organizations multiply their impact and invest in the creative economy.
A laboratory scientist holds a test tube and sample for analysis.

Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Central America Regional office in Guatemala supports ministries of health in the region. (Photo CC BY CDC Global.)

Can Biden’s ethos of empathy point the way to a new U.S. foreign policy?

Elevating global public health and climate change to core national interests can help to expand our understanding of national security.