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Afghan Women’s Network empowers its members to participate in Afghanistan’s political processes and efforts to secure justice and peace. Photo courtesy of Afghan Women’s Network.

2019 Annual Review: Grantmaking

As a result of a generous bequest from the estate of David Rockefeller, the Fund’s 2019 grantmaking budget increased by more than 10 percent over the previous year.
A percussionist plays conga drums with another drummer and horn section seated behind him on an outdoor stage.
Photo by Fred Charles.

2019 Annual Review: The Pocantico Center

The Pocantico Center offers public access through forums, lectures, and educational programs focused on the Pocantico Historic Area’s buildings, gardens, and collections of decorative and fine art. In 2019, The Pocantico Center offered 37 public programs for the surrounding community.
A chart of the RBF's endowment value from 2017 through 2019.

In 2018, a generous gift from the estate of David Rockefeller raised the Rockefeller Brothers Fund endowment from approximately $960 million to over $1.2 billion.

2019 Annual Review: Finance

Given the enormous and complex challenges facing today’s increasingly interdependent world, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has worked over the last decade to align the remaining 95 percent of its financial portfolio with its programmatic interests in democratic practice, peacebuilding, and sustainable development.
The RBF staff stand on the stairs outside a building for a group photo.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund 2019 staff retreat.

2019 Annual Review: Staff & Trustees

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability and are committed to recruiting a diverse board of trustees and staff.
Arturo Aguilar. Photo courtesy of the Seattle International Foundation.

Arturo Aguilar to Lead New Rockefeller Brothers Fund Grantmaking Program in Central America

After years of research and planning, in late 2019 the RBF selected the region encompassing El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as the focus for a new “pivotal place” program. Aguilar will work with civil society organizations and other stakeholders to shape the program to address the most pressing issues facing the region. The program is expected to begin grantmaking in earnest in mid-2021.