The Creel Committee

In 1973, the Fund recognized that its longtime support of significant institutions founded or led by RBF trustees had created special obligations to these institutions. The Fund now sought to make grants more strictly in keeping with its programmatic goals. At the same time, it wished to assure that these institutions could face the future on their own, on firm financial footing. To that end, it launched a five-year study led by Dana Creel, former RBF president and vice chairman of the board after 1975. The Creel Committee surveyed 25 of the Fund’s significant ongoing commitments and assessed the organizations for a “payout” grant of at least $1 million.

More about the Creel Committee

By 1978, 22 institutions had been selected for Creel Committee grants totaling $100 million as part of the Fund's new strategy.

The organizations were selected after a rigorous examination by RBF staff and associates of their financial stability, needs, and future plans, their significance in the Fund’s historical giving profile, and their ability to make productive use of a large sum of money. The grants, paid over time through 1983, reduced the endowment of the Fund by approximately half. Ultimately, however, they liberated the Fund to become more flexible and to chart new directions. While the Creel Committee grants ended RBF support for these organizations’ general, ongoing expenses, they did not preclude the organizations from seeking or receiving future grants for special projects that were in line with RBF programmatic priorities.

Institutions selected for Creel Committee grants:

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