News & Updates

1982 Annual Review

The 1982 annual report features a series of vignettes entitled "Three Grants," which gives a thorough examination of how grants awarded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund have helped three organizations to further their missions.

1981 Annual Review

The 1981 annual report includes an essay highlighting the ways in which Rockefeller Brothers Fund support has helped New York City grow and evolve through its changes, challenges, and periods of crisis, in areas such as housing and community development, public education, social welfare, and cultural affairs.

1980 Annual Review

The new millennium is the focus in the 1980 annual report, exploring the consequences world trends may have on the population, natural resources, and the environment.

1979 Annual Review

In the 1979 annual report, President William M. Dietel highlights Laurance S. Rockefeller's accomplishments, as his tenure as chairman of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund comes to a close. Also included, is an essay that examines how Americans can break the habit of overconsumption and establish more harmonious lifestyles.

1978 Annual Review

The Fund pays tribute to John D. Rockefeller III and Nelson A. Rockefeller in the 1978 annual report. The lives of both men are honored for their unwavering dedication to improving the condition of mankind through professional philanthropy.