The Fund Details its Mission-Aligned and Impact Investments

We are pleased to share details about the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s efforts to better align its investment practices with its mission in a new section of our website. The Mission-Aligned Investing section includes our updated Investment Policy Statement as well as a guiding document on mission-aligned investing, both drafted with thoughtful input from members of our board, Investment Committee, outsourced chief investment officer Perella Weinberg Partners, and staff. We have learned and continue to learn how best to align our investments with our mission, and hope these documents and specific investment information can serve as resources for other institutions who are looking to do the same.

To date, the Fund has reached the $100 million milestone in impact investments, with nearly $200 million allocated toward investments that fulfill environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.

The latest information on our efforts to divest the Fund’s endowment from fossil fuel holdings can also be found in the Mission-Aligned Investing section of the website.

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