Each year, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is required by law to distribute 5% of its endowment for charitable purposes. Over the past decade, we have been working to align the rest of our portfolio with our mission of creating a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. During this period, the Fund’s efforts to implement mission-aligned investing policies have evolved and deepened, and the Fund has implemented a series of steps over a multiyear timeframe.

The Fund’s Mission-Aligned Investment Efforts statement details our selection of market-grade impact investments that advance our mission and program initiatives, as well as the larger strategy of mission-aligned investments, whereby we seek full alignment between our portfolio and the Fund’s mission. This mission-aligned investment lens includes divesting from fossil fuels, investing using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, and leveraging our role as a shareholder in strategic ways to advance our mission.

ESG Investments

Fund Name Commitment Date Current Value* Asset Class Geographic Focus
Generation IM Global Equity Fund March 2014 $102,595,976 Global Equity Developed Markets
Agility Global Equity Impact Fund January 2016 $100,000,000** Global Equity Global
Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability Fund October 2016 $22,720,249 Global Equity Global
Ownership Capital Global Equity (USD) Fund March 2017 $47,364,964 Global Equity Global

ESG Investment Total: $272,681,189

*As of October 31, 2017
**Reflects committed level; current market value approximates $64 million.

Impact Investments

Fund Name Initial Commitment Date Amount Committed Asset Class Geographic Focus Description Mission Alignment
Generation Climate Solutions Fund II October 2014 $15,000,000 Private Capital Developed Markets Enhanced resource productivity / reduced pollution, waste, and emissions Sustainable Development
Turner Multifamily Impact Fund April 2015 $20,000,000 Real Assets United States Workforce housing Broad mission / projected exposure to New York City
Elevar Equity III June 2015 $12,500,000 Private Assets India and Latin America Services for disconnected communities Broad mission
Sustainable Asset Fund (Vision Ridge) August 2015 $20,000,000 Real Assets United States Resource optimization across water, agriculture, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and transportation Sustainable Development
New Energy Capital Infrastructure Credit Fund February 2016 $20,000,000 Real Assets United States Renewable energy development Sustainable Development
Mainstream Renewable Power July 2016 $12,500,000 Private Capital Africa Expanding renewable power supplies across Africa Sustainable Development

Impact Investment Total: $100,000,000

Mission-Aligned Investment Efforts (.pdf)

Information last updated November 2017