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Actors on stage stand behind a number of condoms inflated like balloons.

Members of Qendra Multimedia utilized experimental theatre techniques to voice the perspectives of a wide variety of characters in a small Kosovo town—as well as the observations of one well-situated tree. (Photo by Jetmir Idrizi.)

Qendra Multimedia’s ‘55 Shades of Gay’ Grapples with Social Reform in Kosovo

The envelope-pushing satire about the challenges and paradoxes of inclusion in the Balkans made its U.S. premiere in March.
Mia Vukojević, the new program director for the Western Balkans program at the RBF.

Ms. Vukojević brings exceptional experience working with civil society, international organizations, governments, and grantmaking institutions in the Western Balkans and beyond.

Mia Vukojević Joins the RBF to Lead Western Balkans Program

Ms. Vukojević’s career in public service includes working on humanitarian aid and grantmaking projects across five continents. She most recently focused on issues affecting women for the Oak Foundation and served as the executive director of Serbia's Trag Foundation.

Haki Abazi on Supporting ‘The Civil Society Triangle’ to Tackle Corruption in Post-Conflict Countries

RBF Western Balkans program director details how civil society organizations can support one another's work and advocate for higher levels of transparency and accountability for a new book.

An investigation by BIRN and OCCRP has revealed that some of the €1.2 billion in weapons sales from the region has been diverted to Syria and Yemen. Graphic courtesy of BIRN.

Special Investigative Project by BIRN Tracks Arms Trade from Europe to the Middle East

A year-long investigation by RBF grantee the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network and its partner the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, has revealed the emergence of a €1.2 billion arms pipeline fueling conflict in the Middle East.

Haki Abazi on Why Extremism has Limited Appeal in Kosovo

In a new editorial, Haki Abazi, Western Balkans program director, argues that contrary to recent media reports, there is limited reach and appeal for young people in Kosovo to join the Syrian civil war.