Transformed U.S. Leadership for the Age of Turbulence

The following is an excerpt from an essay by Stephen Heintz that originally appeared on the website of the Robert Bosch Academy.

As we look to the future of this century, it is abundantly clear that humankind faces multiple, complex challenges. These include intensifying great power competition with China, military confrontation with Russia, an accelerating climate crisis, mass movements of people fleeing violence or climate disruption, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, widening economic inequality, threats to democracy, and the advent of Generative Artificial Intelligence. This is a time of profound global turbulence that requires innovative new forms of broader and deeper global cooperation, and fundamental changes in the style and content of U.S. global leadership.

These challenges underscore the fundamental reality of our age: global interdependence. Nearly eight billion human beings and approximately 8.7 million other species share one planetary ecosystem, one climate, and a deeply interconnected global economy...


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