At a Glance

Over the past decade, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has awarded an average of $30 million per year to organizations working to advance social change.


2018 Program Budget

In 2018, the Fund awarded 322 grants, totaling $34.1 million. The average grant size was $97,000.


About 30 percent of the Fund’s grants awarded in 2018 were for were two or more years.

New grantees received 24 percent of grants awarded in 2018, and of grants awarded to previous grantees, 36 percent were for new purposes.

U.S.-based organizations were awarded 70 percent of grant dollars in 2018. 52 percent of the Fund's 2018 support was for grantmaking with a focus outside of the United States.

31 percent of grants were provided for general support, and 69 percent were made for project-based support.

For more information, including a comparison of our grantmaking and other activities over the past three years, see the RBF’s 2017 Annual Review, available online here or as a downloadable PDF.
Figures about our 2018 grantmaking are our internal estimates and will be finalized when our annual audit is completed in the summer.