Conference Eligibility and Application

Host Organization Eligibility

Nonprofit organizations and public-sector institutions, both domestic and foreign, are eligible to apply to host a conference at The Pocantico Center.


The Pocantico Center hosts meetings and conferences that qualify as or support activities that are educational or charitable. The objectives of the proposed meeting must be consistent with the program interests of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Applications for annual or routine organizational meetings, fundraising events, and training workshops are not eligible for consideration.


As a tax-exempt private foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code from engaging in, including through the use of its facilities, any lobbying activities. The restrictions that apply to private foundations are more rigorous than those for public charities. Actual lobbying activities, as well as the planning or organizing of lobbying activities, are not appropriate for The Pocantico Center.

Financial Arrangements

Because The Pocantico Center is supported by a private endowment that covers the expenses of general maintenance and operation, the costs of meetings at Pocantico are significantly lower than the industry average.

Meetings are financed in one of three ways: 1) Direct costs (i.e., meals and lodging) are paid in full by the meeting organizer; 2) Direct costs are shared between the RBF and the meeting organizer; 3) Direct costs are paid by the RBF. The RBF generally does not provide funding for air or ground transportation.

If you wish the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to consider covering all or some of your meeting costs, please indicate that preference on the application form under "Funding Sources."


Any report or multimedia product published as a result of a meeting at The Pocantico Center must be reviewed and approved by the RBF before distribution or publication in any form or venue, including the web, and may not be used for commercial purposes. If a report, paper, or multimedia presentation (including, but not limited to, a podcast or video) is to be published as a result of a meeting at Pocantico, the following disclaimers must be included in the finished work:

This [report, presentation, video, etc.] was produced by members of the [name of organization] staff based on materials prepared for a [Month YYYY] meeting at The Pocantico Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the discussions that took place there. It reflects the views of the authors and not necessarily those of other conference participants or of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, its trustees, or its staff.


Organizations interested in hosting a meeting at The Pocantico Center should submit the online application. If your application is considered, you may be asked to provide additional information about your organization or proposed meeting.

The Pocantico Center conference selection committee is responsible for determining which meetings will be held at the conference center. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Please call The Pocantico Center at +1 (914) 524-6500 with any questions or email