Jennifer Nolan


Jennifer R. Nolan is an award-winning author and passionate environmentalist with a focus on ocean conservation. Born and raised in New York, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Vermont in 1986.

As an author, Ms. Nolan has written a series of books aimed at engaging and educating young readers about endangered species and the environment at large. In collaboration with renowned nature photographer Jim Abernethy, her most recent title is Sea Turtles Up Close. Other award-winning titles include Sharks Up Close, The Secret of Pig Island, and Spintastik.

Ms. Nolan is a regular guest speaker with Skype in the Classroom, a worldwide, educational, online platform that connects over one million teachers and their students with speakers from a myriad of professional arenas. Her presentations focus on the plight of endangered marine life, the seriousness of the dangers to our oceans, and how we can all be part of the solution.

Recognizing art as a universal language that can inspire a global audience to take action, Ms. Nolan joined the team of artists and activists at Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) where she serves as board chair and director of strategic engagement. OPS works to expose complex global environmental issues and promotes advocacy through the use of film, photography, and social media. It is best known for its films The Cove, the 2009 Academy Award-winner for Best Documentary, and Racing Extinction. Its projects reach a worldwide audience and demonstrate the effectiveness of art and social media for good.

Ms. Nolan has decades of experience serving on non-profit boards, ranging from the United States Fund for UNICEF to Maine Audubon. Additionally, raising a family has been a passion and priority for Ms. Nolan; she and husband, John Nolan, have proudly raised four sons in Maine over the past 28 years.