News & Updates

1959 Annual Review

The 1959 annual report features updates on the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s West Africa program, which was designed to support economic development in Ghana and Nigeria. It also highlights a three-year research project on economic and demographic trends in the New York Metropolitan area.

1958 Annual Review

New developments at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund were announced in the 1958 annual report, including the release of the first of a multipart series called, America at Mid-Century. These reports detail national defense, economic growth, the country’s role in the world economy, social progress, and its educational needs.

1957 Annual Review

The establishment of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, which honors of the late president of the Philippines, is announced in the 1957 annual report. A special studies project entitled America at Mid-Century , which explores the problems and opportunities facing the nation during the upcoming decade, is also introduced.

1956 Annual Review

The 1956 annual report documents tremendous growth at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which more than doubled its grantmaking since the previous year. Noteworthy grants include a major award to the Museum of Modern Art in support of an international art exchange program and the support of an institution established to test new mental health treatments.

1954–1955 Annual Review

In this two-year annual report, covering 1954–1955, changes in the Board's officers and trustees are noted. It also includes an overview of major grants awarded in the areas of international relations, strengthened national life, and mental health.