Video: Behind the Scenes with the Artists of Composers Now and the Asian Cultural Council

Creativity is sometimes fueled by the collaboration between artists who approach their work in different ways and together discover new forms of expression. Each year, The Pocantico Center hosts artist residencies in partnership with the grantees of the Fund’s Culpeper Arts & Culture program. This fall, Composers Now and the Asian Cultural Council convened artists for week-long collaborations. The first brought together composers working in similar modes but "from opposite directions", and the other, a more unusual pairing of artistic practices. These behind the scenes videos provide a window into the creative processes of the four artists.

Sasha Zamler-Carhart & Ngô Thanh Phu'o'ng

Composer Sasha Zamler-Carhart studied in England and Holland, where he taught medieval music at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague. With a degree in linguistics and law from Stamford University, he describes his music like his background, “equally hefty and kooky.” Ngo Thanh Phuong is an award-winning choreographer who grew up in Ho Chi Minh City among a family of ballet artists and Vietnamese traditional dancers. Recipient of a six month grant from the Asian Cultural Council, she began her stay in the US in 2016 as a participant in the International Choreographers Residency Program at the American Dance Festival in North Carolina.

Tonia Ko & Yasuno Miyauchi

Composer and visual artist Tonia Ko was born in Hong Kong and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a Sage Fellow and doctoral candidate at Cornell University. Reviewing a new work for solo piano, a New York Times critic stated “her captivating score plays musical games of sound and color.” Yasuno Miyauchi is a Japanese composer whose composition ranges from experimental expression to harmonic music and computer mixing sounds. In addition to creating music for film, dance, installations, and theater, Miyauchi helped found the experimental vocal group Tsumugine in 2008.

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