New Report Examines Water Resources and Energy Security in China

China faces environmental challenges as its continuing growth meets the reality of finite water resources, according to a report published by China Water Risk. Water plays a key role in energy generation, in addition to providing for agriculture needs and municipal use. The report explores the risk exposure of different water usages as well as strategies to slow energy demand and achieve the right mix of power sources.

Although much focus has been given to carbon emissions and industrial pollution, the report highlights the problem of water scarcity and its effects on renewable energy generation. Among other findings, it notes that in order to raise the country’s power levels to be in line with other industrialized countries, China would have to double its projected per capita energy capacity by 2050. Half of the resulting energy mix will be generated through methods that are carbon-friendly but require water, including hydroelectric and concentrated solar energy. Additionally, as potable water becomes harder to source, cleaning and treating water becomes an energy intensive process.

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