The Fund Supports the Nonprofit Sector’s Nonpartisan Nature

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund voices strong support of the preservation of the Johnson Amendment, an important provision in the Federal tax code which ensures nonpartisanship for the nonprofit sector. We have joined as a signatory to an open letter to members of Congress, to support maintenance of this important provision which prohibits 501(c)(3)s from endorsing, opposing, or contributing to political candidates.

The Johnson Amendment has been in place for more than 60 years. The provision allows nonprofits the freedom to deliver on their mission without being encumbered by partisan politics, increasing their effectiveness and allowing for greater public trust.

In a related Op-Ed for The Hill, Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, and Vikki Spruill, president and CEO of the Council on Foundations, make the case that American “society is better today because 501(c)(3) organizations operate as safe havens from the caustic partisanship that currently bedevils our country” and that nonprofits provide an area for communities to collaborate on creative solutions without the distraction of party labels.

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