The Fund Revises its New York City Program Guidelines

Recognizing the many accomplishments of our grantees and the Fund's interest in concentrating limited resources on other areas in which we are currently working to achieve greater impact, the RBF will conclude its grantmaking of civic and political participation of immigrant communities in New York City.

From 2010 to 2014, the Fund made 44 grants totaling $3.4 million in the New York City democratic practice portfolio. Over the last five years, the Fund has supported immigration forums, new partnerships and collaborations, academic research, new tools for dissemination of best practices, innovative citizenship outreach models, and new leadership that have helped establish a positive perspective on the many contributions New York's immigrant communities make to its economy and civic dynamism.

At this time, the local needs are focused on basic social and legal services, which are not traditional areas of funding for the RBF. Staff will be exploring a variety of options for the future of the New York arts and culture grantmaking during 2015, including opportunities to contribute to immigrant integration through cultural expression.

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