The Fund Reframes its Global Democratic Practice Grantmaking Portfolio

In 2016, the Fund commissioned an independent evaluation of six years of grantmaking work in our Democratic Practice—Global Governance portfolio, which supports civil society engagement on issues of global governance in the areas of climate change, development finance, and trade. The assessment found that while securing systemic change in the institutions of global governance remains a long term process, the portfolio of grants was significant in advancing democratic practice through citizen engagement around substantive areas of concern.

Program staff proposed revisions to the program guidelines to reflect experience over the last several years and the insights of the report. In addition to changing the portfolio’s name from ‘Global Governance’ to ‘Global Challenges’, the newly articulated strategies shift the emphasis from improving the democratic practices of formal global governance institutions and procedures to strengthening the capacity of citizens and civil society organizations to organize and press for solutions to global challenges. Further reflections on the assessment and the revisions to the guidelines can be found in the program director’s memo.

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