Former Program Director Bill Moody Reflects on 40 Years at the Fund

In his new book, Staying the Course: Reflections on 40 Years of Grantmaking at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, William S. Moody, a former program director, charts the opportunities of working with individuals and communities around the world to make lasting and positive change. Another former RBF staff member, Priscilla Lewis, served as editor.

Over the course of his career, Moody’s geographic areas of focus included Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Western Balkans. The grantmaking programs he primarily focused on included cultivating sustainable development, and ensuring the healthy democracy of an engaged citizenry and an active nonprofit sector. Other concerns that weave through the book include the protection of human rights and the pursuit of peace and security.

Beyond the monetary support that a foundation can provide, Moody’s retelling also emphasizes the importance of time and energy spent with grantees.

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