Finding New York City's Path to 80 Percent Carbon Reductions by 2050

As part of an ambitious plan to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by 80 percent by the year 2050, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio formally requested the energy sector to help identify solutions to power the city government’s operations entirely on renewables. “This is a great opportunity for the city to capture innovative ideas for pushing its solar and offshore wind potential forward,” said Michael Northrop, Sustainable Development program director at the RBF.

Edward Mazria, founder and CEO of RBF grantee Architecture 2030, has published a report, Achieving 80x50, which recommends that New York City regularly update its building energy code to require the renovation and upgrade of existing buildings to high-performance standards. Buildings are responsible for 71 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions and 94 percent of its energy consumption. The report recommends that the city require renewable energy improvements be made to older buildings every time ownership changes. Renovating buildings and installing renewable energy systems as they turn over to new owners leads to job growth and strengthens the growing market for renewable energy.

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Download the Achieving 80x50 report (.pdf) “Mayor de Blasio Commits to 80 Percent Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050, Starting with Sweeping Green Buildings Plan” (September 2014)