Udruzenje Krokodil


Founded in 2009, Udruzenje Krokodil (KROKODIL) works to reconcile conflicting historical narratives and rebuild relations between the peoples of the Western Balkans in creative and fun ways. KROKODIL draws on the region’s shared language, culture, and experiences to counter xenophobic rhetoric—often from the top—that can divide close neighbors.

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KROKODIL produces literary, cultural, and sociopolitical programs and projects that promote intercultural dialogue, activate sites of remembrance, encourage reconciliation, and deepen mutual understanding and acceptance of differences within the Balkans, Europe, and beyond. Its 2017 series of regional conferences gathered together linguists who established that the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and Serbia are different variants of the same. The resulting Declaration on the Common Language advocates against the political abuse of these variants for segregation, discrimination, and violence. The name KRODODIL is itself an acronym in this common language, standing for Literary Regional Gathering Which Alleviates Boredom and Lethargy.


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