European Council on Foreign Relations

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The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is an international think-tank that conducts independent research and works to provide a productive meeting space for decision-makers, activists, and influencers to share ideas. EFCR promotes proactive European diplomacy through initiatives like its Transatlantic Taskforce on Iran, which examines how Europe can use diplomacy in the Middle East to help stabilize the region and preserve the terms of the Iran nuclear deal through turbulent times. ECFR has also piloted a dialogue group of women security and policy experts born in or affiliated with the Middle East with the goal of fostering greater inclusion and equity in a field historically dominated by men.

In ECFR’s new policy brief "Gulf of Difference: How Europe Can Get the Gulf Monarchies to Pursue Peace with Iran," author Cinzia Bianco assesses the different perceptions and strategic objectives of the Gulf monarchies towards Iran and what this should mean for European positioning.

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For its projects Transatlantic Iran Policy and Women of Middle East Network for Peacebuilding
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