Climate Jobs National Resource Center, Inc.

New York, NY
United States

The Climate Jobs National Resource Center (CJNRC) is working to rebuild the economy to tackle the joint crises of rising inequality and rapid climate change. A growing clean energy marketplace can generate hundreds of thousands of green jobs. CJNRC advocates that these green jobs must also be good, family-sustaining jobs—that means good wages and benefits, as well as the ability to organize to protect workers’ rights and advance opportunities for diverse communities.

Working at the state level, CJRNC advocates for ambitious clean energy policy that will drive high levels of investment in job creation and clean energy development through, for example, projects such as large scale offshore wind farms, utility-scale solar power generation, building retrofit programs, statewide solar rooftop programs for schools, and statewide electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In New York state, CJNRC’s Climate Jobs NY coalition, alongside environmental justice and clean energy advocates, succeeded in winning a state commitment to build 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind farms that will generate tens of thousands of well-paying jobs over the next ten years for a diverse array of communities across the state.


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