U.S. Global Engagement

While global interdependence had been singled out by the Fund as a defining concept for its work since 1983, explicit attention to the content and style of U.S. global engagement began to emerge in the late 1990s. Following from its own RBF Project on World Security, which had never quite found its footing, in the mid-2000s the Fund’s then-named Peace and Security program undertook a multi-pronged approach toward developing within the United States new interest in and paradigms for the U.S. role in the world. In this effort, it sought to build a movement of ordinary American citizens to encourage policymakers to support the sustained investment, involvement, and leadership needed from the United States to tackle global challenges effectively. The Fund supported a number of projects that examined, criticized, and explored alternatives to prevalent unilateralist U.S. foreign policy assumptions and directions. In addition, the Fund contributed to the work of new policy institutes attempting to bring fresh voices and constructive ideas to the foreign policy debate.

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