Third World Network

Third World Network (TWN), based in Penang, Malaysia, is the most prominent NGO working to support fair trade in the developing world. While the World Trade Organization (WTO) is in principle the most democratic of global governance institutions, in practice powerful countries have been able to determine its negotiating agenda. Beginning in 2000, the RBF has supported the TWN in improving the terms of negotiations for developing country interests, furthering the Fund’s commitments to democratize global institutions and give the global South a stronger voice in global governance. TWN works with developing country NGOs and negotiators across a range of issues critical to developing countries, including trade, climate, development finance, and biological diversity. With RBF assistance, TWN has developed contacts with trade officials in Beijing and Southern China, contributing to the emergence of a robust dialogue regarding WTO rules on China’s banking system and agricultural sector. On climate change, the TWN has been instrumental in developing the debate on loss and damages at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and was central in securing a 2012 decision to pursue institutional arrangements for addressing losses and damages, with special attention to food security.

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