In 2011, the RBF began supporting Just Vision, an organization that addresses the lack of media coverage of Palestinian and Israeli civilians doing nonviolent work to end the Occupation of the West Bank. Telling under-documented stories of nonviolent resistance through targeted, sustained public education campaigns, Just Vision combats the mainstream media’s tendency to focus on violent extremism, thus challenging prevailing stereotypes and inspiring action. It is a key organization that documents the work of a broad spectrum of civic leaders and produces media content in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Just Vision’s documentary films have been screened at the United Nations, the United Kingdom’s House of Lords, and the World Bank, and shown to members of Congress, Middle Eastern policymakers, and at world class film festivals. Just Vision acts as a hub, brokering relationships and linking nonviolent grassroots leaders to one another and to broader networks of support in American, Israeli, and Palestinian societies. 

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