Institute for State Effectiveness

The Institute for State Effectiveness (ISE) develops and supports integrated approaches to state building, market development, and civil society for fragile states. Through extensive fieldwork around the world, ISE has developed analytical frameworks for understanding and managing development and security challenges. It disseminates these through practical toolkits for institutional change in developing and post-conflict country contexts. It also documents examples of countries that have made successful transitions to stability and prosperity to codify lessons of institutional reform for use by policymakers. ISE seeks innovative approaches for philanthropic donors and national governments to use in support of reform initiatives, development and governance challenges, and market building.

The Fund began supporting ISE in 2007, with grants for several projects in Afghanistan and Kosovo and two funders’ briefings for the organization. ISE has become a key partner in the Peacebuilding program’s focus on identifying and addressing drivers of conflict. In the face of destabilizing processes of globalization, the ISE approach exemplifies the Fund’s belief that capable, accountable states that can perform core functions for their citizens at home and fulfill their international obligations in an interconnected state system is key to preventing conflict and building peace. 

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