Institute for Advanced Studies (GAP)

Founded in 2007 with RBF support, the Institute for Advanced Studies (GAP) is an independent, Kosovo-based think tank that aims to bridge the gaps between the Kosovar government and the public on economic, political, and social issues. GAP seeks to inform the public and contribute to solutions that address Kosovo’s policy challenges by monitoring public institutions, conducting research and policy analysis, advocating for good governance, and mobilizing relevant stakeholders to develop forward-looking policy recommendations. The Institute works toward reform in a wide range of fields, including energy resource management, private sector development, education, public enterprise, economic development, and local governance. Projects have included assessments of public spending in light of agreed-upon EU targets, cost-benefit analyses examining whether new fiscal policies provide favorable opportunities for the Kosovo business community and civil society, and monitoring newly established public enterprise companies in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Parliamentary Committee for Economic Development. The Fund’s support for GAP reflects its goal of improving the performance, accountability, and transparency of government in the Western Balkans by strengthening the capacity of nongovernmental institutions to conduct sound policy analysis.

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