The Pocantico Center shall be managed and used for the purpose of serving the common good locally, nationally, and globally in creative and innovative ways. These means shall be consistent with Rockefeller family philanthropic traditions and shall further the missions and reflect the values of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Vision: A Place Apart, Yet Engaged

  • An historic family home and its varied collections, which have been preserved for the enjoyment and education of the surrounding community and larger public.
  • A park of exceptional beauty with significant flora and fauna—a place to restore and inspire the human spirit and a resource for nature study.
  • An international conference center where people from diverse backgrounds and intellectual disciplines come together to discuss critical local, national, and international challenges.
  • A place for research, inquiry, and creativity relating to Rockefeller family traditions and interests in such fields as philanthropy, public service, sustainability, and the arts.



The historic character and quality of the principal buildings, art collections, and gardens, as well as the property’s landscape architecture as a whole, shall be maintained in accordance with the highest standards of historic preservation.

Advancing Philanthropy

The Pocantico Center programs shall expand and enhance philanthropic initiatives.

Serving the Public

The Center shall also share the Rockefeller family story, property’s historic sites and art collections, and the park’s beauty and biodiversity with the general public, including the neighboring community.

Programmatic Coherence

In order to ensure coherence of the philanthropic initiatives conducted at The Pocantico Center, initiatives shall be consistent with the goals and objectives of the RBF’s programs.

Contemplative Experience

The planning of programs shall ensure that there are opportunities for the quiet, un-crowded enjoyment of the surroundings and for contemplative experience, as well as for the many other activities appropriate to the place.


The oversight and management of all affairs relating to the operation of The Pocantico Center shall be conducted in keeping with the highest ethical standards for a nonprofit institution.

Excellence and Evaluation

All programs and events shall be designed and implemented with the goal of professional excellence. In order to learn from experience in the quest for excellence, programs and operations of The Pocantico Center will be reviewed and evaluated frequently.

Diverse Interests

Programs and activities shall appeal to multiple groups with diverse interests—from bird watchers to art aficionados to international policy experts—and shall do so with sensitivity to the cultural diversity of visitors and participants.

Responsiveness and Flexibility

Programs and operations shall remain responsive to changing times and public interests, and shall be flexible in adapting to new circumstances and opportunities.


Opportunities shall be provided for interaction among participants in different programs, when appropriate, so as to promote the rich mix of ideas that transforms perspectives and spurs innovation.

Ecological Sustainability

The health of local ecosystems, with special attention to biodiversity, shall be protected and restored. Every effort shall be made to minimize and eliminate any adverse impact of operations on the natural environment and the general population.


The property and its programs shall be administered within the framework of policies and in accordance with a budget that ensure long-term financial security.