The Fund's board and The Pocantico Center staff are engaged in a planning process to chart the future direction of The Pocantico Center Programs. Central to the long-term planning process is increased public access and programming. In 2006, the staff initiated a long-range planning process to explore possible future uses of the estate.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Pocantico Committee presented A Long-Range Plan for The Pocantico Center to the board at its June 2008 meeting. In approving the plan, the board adopted the name "The Pocantico Center" as well as the mission, vision, and principles for development and operation. In addition, small-scale public programs are to be developed and tested in keeping with the mission, vision, and principles and along the lines of the programs and campus and parkland planning as set forth in The Promise of Pocantico.

The Promise of Pocantico (.pdf)