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1986 Annual Review

The 1986 annual report centers on East Asia and its growing significance in the world economy Dr. Han Sung-joo, a professor at Korea University, Seoul and the 1986 Rockefeller Brothers Fund Distinguished Fellow, examines East-West relations and the changing balance of world power.

1985 Annual Review

The 1985 annual report explores the attitudes, behaviors, and motivations behind charitable behavior. The article highlights a national survey, underwritten by the Rockerfeller Brothers Fund, which researched the giving habits of more than a thousand people. The objective was to discover how individuals across the country can be stimulated to incorporate the practice of giving into their lives.

1984 Annual Review

The 1984 annual report features an essay by Dr. Francis M. Deng, the first Rockefeller Brothers Fund Distinguished Fellow. The article focuses on the process of nation-building in Africa and the inherent ability of its people to be resourceful in overcoming their own political, social, and economic challenges.

1983 Annual Review

Educating and informing the public and decision makers about the necessity of preserving America’s farmland is the focus of the 1983 annual report. The featured article notes that much of the nation's prime farmland is being acquired and developed for non-agricultural use without concern for long term consequences.

1982 Annual Review

The 1982 annual report features a series of vignettes entitled "Three Grants," which gives a thorough examination of how grants awarded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund have helped three organizations to further their missions.