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Solutions to Global Warming: A National Conversation We Desperately Need to Have

Earth is running a fever. We have measured it. We know the cause: the carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases that we are pumping into the atmosphere. We also know if nothing changes, Earth's fever will continue to rise and things will get much worse. And yet there is a cure; in fact, there is an array of real and executable remedies. Read more

The Benefits of Cutting Emissions

The Washington Post publishes an editorial by RBF program director Michael Northrop, The Benefits of Cutting Emissions.

Pocantico Paper No. 2: Selling Solar: Financing Household Solar Energy in the Developing World, 1996

After a year-long research effort, analyzing the effects of scaling up solar electrification projects in the developing world, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund hosted a conference at The Pocantico Center about financing solar energy in the developing world. This is a brief summary of the results of the research and discussion.