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Lucas Welch, executive director of the Pluribus Project, speaks at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival on money and political influence in America.

(Image courtesy of The Aspen Institute.)

Resetting the Balance in Our Election Systems

The balance of political influence needs to be shifted from the few with money to the many, said Lucas Welch, executive director of the Pluribus Project, at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Introducing a panel discussion about money in politics, Welch pointed to public frustration with elected government and the influence of corporate spending. Panelists included leaders of The Pluribus Project, Take Back our Republic, Demos and

Foundations Call for Transparency in Corporate Political Spending

RBF President Stephen Heintz is among nearly 70 foundation leaders asking the Securities and Exchange Commission to require corporations to disclose their political spending. In an interview with NPR, he said that shareholders have a right to know how public companies are using unreported spending to influence elections.

Fund Revises its Democratic Practice Program Guidelines

In considering the specific challenges and opportunities facing today’s democracy and democratic engagement in the United States, the Fund has revised the program guidelines for its Democratic Practice–United States portfolio. The revised guidelines recognize that the goal of advancing a vital and inclusive U.S. democracy is both to improve democratic systems and to enable U.S. citizens and residents to leverage these systems to advance social, racial, and economic justice.

Carbon Tracker Initiative Wins Guardian Sustainable Business Award

The Carbon Tracker Initiative won the award for Innovation in Communicating Sustainability at the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards on May 14, 2014. According to The Guardian , Carbon Tracker's April 2013 report, Unburnable Carbon: Wasted Capital and Stranded Asset s, reframed the climate debate by translating climate risk into energy demand and prices.

The Center for Public Integrity Wins Pulitzer Prize

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) has been awarded a 2014 Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting. CPI was recognized for reporter Chris Hamby's three-part series about how some doctors and lawyers worked against coal miners who were sick and dying of black lung disease. Mr. Hamby spent a year uncovering thousands of pages of previously hidden legal documents for the series, "Breathless and Burdened: Dying from Black Lung, Buried by Law and Medicine."