2018 Annual Review: Staff & Trustees

  • RBF staff members pose with brightly colored children's backpacks.
    As part of Operation Backpack, RBF staff prepared school supplies for children living in New York City shelters. Photo by Aslan Chalom.
  • Trustees and staff of the RBF pose in the port of San Francisco with boats and wate rin the background.
    RBF trustees and staff traveled to the port of San Francisco in May 2018 to learn about the city’s sustainable development efforts. Photo by Sarah Edkins Lien.


In 2018, the Fund had 65 staff positions, including 45 full-time and 20 part-time positions. Two part-time positions supported Finance and Operations, and three part-time and 15 hourly positions provided operations and maintenance support to The Pocantico Center.

The Fund filled 13 vacancies in 2018. The average tenure of RBF employees in 2018 was 9.7 years.

A pie chart shows staff distribution for 2018. 39% of staff worked in programs, 26% at Pocantico, 26% in finance and operations, and 9% for the offices of the president and corporate secretary

In 2018, certain services of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Human Resources, Operations, Accounting, and Information Technology departments were shared with the David Rockefeller Fund, the Rockefeller Family Fund, and the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation. In addition, the Human Resources departments provided support to the American Conservation Association, Asian Cultural Council, Environmental Grantmakers Association, Rockefeller Archive Center, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding. These organizations reimbursed the RBF for their share of these services.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment is shaped by our values, our work, and the philanthropic traditions of the Rockefeller family. We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability. We are committed to recruiting a diverse board of trustees and staff; fostering open and effective cooperation; engaging with diverse constituencies; working with grantees to achieve shared goals; working with diverse vendors, contractors, and consultants; advocating public policy that advances social inclusion; and promoting intercultural understanding.

Of 69 individuals employed by the RBF in 2018,* 61 percent self-identified as White, 15 percent as Black or African American, 16 percent as Hispanic or Latino, seven percent as Asian or South Asian, and one percent as Two or More Races. Women accounted for 83 percent of the staff.

A bar chart shows staff diversity in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

‡ Percentages are taken from full-time equivalents. Full-time equivalents are calculated by real hours worked and do not account job vacancies.
* Total may exceed the number of positions to account for both new hires and terminations for the same role.


Twenty trustees served on the RBF board in 2018; 10 are members of the Rockefeller family, including eight from the fifth generation. Of the trustees, 80 percent are White, 10 percent are Asian or South Asian, and 10 percent are Black or African American. Women accounted for 45 percent of the 2018 trustees.

A pie chart shows trustee diversity for 2018. 80% of trustees were White, 10% Black or African American, and 10% Asian or South Asian.

2018 RBF Trustees

Ayad Akhtar*
Ambassador Ryan Crocker
Wendy Gordon, Vice Chair
Stephen Heintz, President
Miranda Kaiser
Hugh Lawson
Daniel Levy
Heather McGhee
Jennifer Nolan
Peter O’Neill
Joseph Pierson
Marnie Pillsbury
Michael Quattrone‡
Kavita Ramdas
Wyatt Rockefeller
Valerie Rockefeller, Chair
Justin Rockefeller◊
David Rockefeller, Jr.
Arlene Shuler◊
Marsha Simms
◊ Until June 21, 2018
‡ Effective June 21, 2018
* Effective November 15, 2018

2018 RBF Annual Review ​

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