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Focus on the Global South

$150,000 for 3 years
Awarded: 2003
For two programs: reforming international financial institutions, and democratizing the global trading regime.

Global: Other (ended 2017), Global: Access and Participation (ended 2017)

Climate Institute

$200,000 for 2 years
Awarded: 2003
To its efforts to encourage small island nations to become clean energy countries.


Alliance for Children and Families, Inc.

$17,800 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003
For a series of focus groups to explore the engagement of nonprofit agencies in public policy.

Democratic Practice–U.S.: Encourage Civic Engagement (ended 2010)

Global Education Associates

$24,500 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003
To develop, publish, disseminate, and train facilitators for group utilization of a new 48-page Guide to Global Citizenship.

Responsible Approaches to U.S. Engagement (ended 2010)

Friends of World Federation of United Nations Associations, Inc.

$15,000 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003
For the production of a progress report to the UN Secretary-General on the role of civil society in implementing the United Nations Millennium Declaration in advance of the opening of the UN General Assembly in September 2003.