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Institute for Sustainable Development

$30,000 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003

Central and Eastern Europe (ended 2003)

For a project to promote environmentally friendly jobs in Poland and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

University of KwaZulu-Natal

$31,000 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003

Pivotal Place: South Africa (ended 2009)

For an assessment of RBF-funded projects in South Africa that link literacy and development, to be undertaken by the university's School of Community Development and Adult Learning.

Better World Fund

$35,000 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003

Responsible Approaches to U.S. Engagement (ended 2010)

To its project, The People Speak: America Debates its Role in the World.

Council on Foundations, Inc.

$39,600 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003

Philanthropic Stewardship

For general support for 2004.

New World Foundation

$50,000 for 1 year
Awarded: 2003

Pivotal Place: New York City (ended 2015)

To is New York Civic Participation Project.