Once a grant is approved, grantees will receive an agreement letter from the Fund outlining the terms of the grant, including the expected reporting requirements and payment schedule.

The first payment on the grant is generally issued upon return of the countersigned award letter to the Fund.

RBF staff members monitor grants throughout their life cycle. Each grantee is required to submit narrative and financial reports at specified intervals during the grant as well as at its conclusion. Grant reports become part of the Fund's permanent records.

Narrative Report

The narrative statement should include an analysis of what was accomplished during the grant. Your program contact at the Fund can provide you with guidance on what to include in your narrative report; commentary on the following questions may prove useful:

  1. What progress has been made toward achieving the goals of the project? Please highlight progress on the grant objectives as appropriate.
  2. Were the grant funds expended in the way that you anticipated when the grant was requested? What other funders have contributed to this project? Have any come on board after the RBF grant was awarded?
  3. What do you consider to be the impact and value of this work? What is your overall assessment of the grant to date?
  4. What lessons are being learned? What obstacles were encountered, and how have you overcome them?

Financial Report

All grantees are required to provide the RBF with a financial accounting, in U.S. dollars, of the use of grant funds. The report should be presented in comparison with the approved budget, with an explanation of any variances.

The following guidelines and template should be helpful in developing the financial report. If you include the exchange rate in the spreadsheet, you may complete the report in your local currency and the amounts will be converted to U.S. dollars.

U.S.-based grantees [.xlsx file]

Non-U.S. based grantees [.xlsx file] (includes a currency converter)

Pass-Through Report

The pass-through report is required only if indicated in the agreement letter for your grant. Instructions are included at the beginning of the report template. Please contact the grants management team at grantsmgmt [at] rbf [dot] org to discuss the report requirement before starting the report.

Pass-Through Report [.xlsx file]

Wire Transfer Form

Non-U.S. based grantees may request grant payments via bank wire transfer. All information requested is required for wire transfers. Please complete this form and return it to your program contact at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Wire Transfer Form [PDF]

Grantee Communications

If you have a communications-related inquiry or would like to use our logo in your materials, please contact our communications team.

Grantee Communications Guidelines [PDF]


If you require further help, contact your program team or grantsmgmt [at] rbf [dot] org.