Application Resources

Requirements for U.S.-based and non-U.S. organizations differ. Please make note below of the requirements that apply to your organization.

Accessing and Using the Grantee Portal

The Fund has moved to an online platform, GivingData, for managing the grants process and to facilitate the submission and review of grant materials. Your Program contact will send you a link to register for the portal. The information below, as well as all necessary forms, can also be found on the portal.

All portal users will need to set up an account.


Submitting a Grant Application

There are several different types of application depending on where your organization is located and what type of support you are requesting. Your Program contact will send you the right application based on your conversations with them.

All necessary forms are included in the application as are instructions on how to complete them. The guidance below may be helpful as you navigate the application.


What to Include in the Proposal

These guidelines are designed to facilitate your preparation of proposal materials. They are not meant to be an outline for your proposal, but rather a list of key points to be addressed.

Proposals will be reviewed by the program staff as well as by an internal review team for programmatic fit, organizational capacity, and legal and anti-terrorism compliance.

What to include in the proposal [PDF]


The work of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund often includes funding organizations or projects that focus on policy and involve advocacy. If your project has an advocacy component, please review the advocacy memo and address these points in your proposal or cover letter. These questions are also included in the application on the Grantee Portal. (Guidance on how to obtain funding for advocacy from private and public foundations is available from the Bolder Advocacy initiative.)

Advocacy & Lobbying (U.S.-Based Organizations) [PDF]

Advocacy & Lobbying (Non-U.S. Organizations) [PDF]

Sponsored Project Information

Sponsored Project Information for U.S.-Based Organizations If the entity conducting the project does not have 501(c)(3) status, and the project will be carried out under the auspices of another organization, the sponsoring organization will receive the grant. Therefore, the cover letter and all proposal materials should be sent to the RBF by the sponsoring organization. The online application should be completed jointly by the project and sponsoring organization.

Please also note that if a grant is awarded, the sponsoring organization is responsible for all grant reporting requirements. In this situation, it is important for the Fund to understand the relationship between the sponsoring organization and the project. Additional information is required for sponsored projects in the cover letter, proposal narrative, budget, and supporting materials. These questions are also included in the application on the Grantee Portal.

Sponsored Project Information [PDF]

Equivalency Affidavits for Non-U.S. Organizations (if applicable)

When the Fund needs to determine if your organization is equivalent to a U.S. public charity, the appropriate equivalency affidavit (foreign organizationeducational institution) is to be completed by an authorized representative of your organization and returned to the Fund along with a copy of your organization's statutes (governing documents). The statutes must be accompanied by an English translation. RBF program staff will inform you of which affidavit to submit. Please submit only if requested by RBF staff.

Foreign Organization [PDF]   Educational Institution [PDF]

Public Support Form for Non-U.S. Organizations

The Public Support Form enables the Fund to ascertain the level of public support received by your organization, allowing us to determine whether your organization can be considered equivalent to a U.S.-based public charity. Instructions for completing the form can be found on the first tab of the document. You will need to have financial information from the past five years available to complete the form.

Public Support Form [Excel File]

Wire Transfer Form

Non-U.S. based grantees may request grant payments via bank wire transfer. The information requested is required for all wire transfers. Please complete this form and return it to your program contact at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Wire Transfer Form [PDF]