Annual Reviews: 1970-1979

1979 Annual Review

In the 1979 annual report, President William M. Dietel highlights Laurance S. Rockefeller's accomplishments, as his tenure as chairman of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund comes to a close.  Also included, is an essay that examines how Americans can break the habit of overconsumption and establish more harmonious lifestyles.

1978 Annual Review

The Fund pays tribute to John D. Rockefeller III and Nelson A. Rockefeller in the 1978 annual report. The lives of both men are honored for their unwavering dedication to improving the condition of mankind through professional philanthropy.

1977 Annual Review

The feature article in the 1977 annual report explores the Fund's history of supporting organizations that promote the advancement of civil rights. 

1976 Annual Review

The 1976 annual report pays tribute to Abby Rockefeller Mauzé, the eldest of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s children, and a Rockefeller Brothers Fund trustee. A profile about her life celebrate her passion for giving, as demonstrated in her contributions toward better hospital care for cancer patients and the establishment of the Greenacre Foundation.

1975 Annual Review

In the 1975 annual report, Chairman Laurance S. Rockefeller reflects on the accomplishments of Dana Creel, who stepped down as president, and was elected vice chairman of the board. Also, an essay on education and the visual arts examines how U.S. art museums can become widely used educational resources.

1974 Annual Review

Sustainability and conservation of natural resources have been ongoing areas of concern for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The 1974 annual report includes an extensive discussion on these issues.  The article is accompanied by a photo essay depicting scenes from across the globe illustrating how mankind and the elements of nature converge.

1973 Annual Review

The 1973 annual report focuses on the Rockefeller Brothers Fund's New York City program and its evolution over the years. The Fund has a history of providing general support to the city since the Fund's inception. An in-depth illustrated essay chronicles the Fund's local giving over the years to the city's social, cultural, educational, and neighborhood development organizations.

1972 Annual Review

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund celebrates the life of founding brother Winthrop Rockefeller in the 1972 annual report. A tribute essay reflects on the life of Mr. Rockefeller from his time in the Texas oil fields, to his philanthropic efforts to support education and health care, and onto his many accomplishments as governor of Arkansas.

1971 Annual Review

In the 1971 annual report, President Dana S. Creel discusses the importance of viewing the nation's problems from a holistic perspective, by understanding that many of the country's issues are interconnected.

1970 Annual Review

The 1970 annual report notes that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund reaches a milestone; a total of more than $100 million has been awarded since the Fund's inception. In 1970 alone, the RBF made more than 232 contributions, totaling over $9.9 million.