Western Balkans

  • Forum MNE’s program Youth for Green Montenegro mobilizes young people to get involved with environmentalism and kickstarts local philanthropy within the business community.
  • Western Balkans
    DokuFest is an international film festival in Kosovo, known for its showcase of works that address social, political, human rights, and most recently, environmental issues.
  • The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has played a critical role in collecting and disseminating the information that is the basis of a democratic state.

The countries of the Western Balkans are working to realize their European integration aspirations, as accession brings with it the promise of stability and rule of law—necessary prerequisites for long-term peace, prosperity, and democracy. The Fund’s work in the Balkans, and especially in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo, gives special attention to democratic practice and sustainable development requirements.

Program evaluations

Featured Grantees

Members of the Youth Club of Nikšić line up to plant saplings in Montenegro's second largest city in 2014. (Image courtesy of Forum mladi i neformalna edukacija.)
Forum Mladi I Neformalna Edukacija
A screening at the opening ceremony of DokuFest 2011 in Prizren, Kosovo.

News and updates

The Fund Refocuses its Western Balkans Program Guidelines

The Fund has revised its Western Balkans grantmaking guidelines to reflect the results of a midterm impact assessment of its work and the program’s evolution since the guidelines were last revised in 2010.

Kosovo’s Future Power Infrastructure Reaches a Turning Point

A new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis and the Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development, finds that a constructing another coal-fired power plant in Kosovo would be the wrong direction for the country’s development.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Pledges Support for Civil Society House

In Podgorica, Montenegro, RBF President Stephen Heintz signed a memorandum of understanding with Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic, Mayor Slavoljub Stijepovic and Ajsa Hadzibegovic, program director of of Civic Alliance, in support of a Civil Society House in the capital city.