• The EastWest Institute is working to establish an international, nonpartisan network of lawmakers to direct political will and resources toward preventive action and human security.
  • The Project on Middle East Democracy is helping to support the development of the region's young civic leaders through research, dialogues, and advocacy work.
  • The Aspen Institute's Congressional Program convenes U.S. legislators with internationally-recognized academics, experts, and leaders to explore alternatives to critical public policy issues.

The Fund’s Peacebuilding program aims to advance just and durable peace by supporting innovative and collaborative approaches and policies for conflict prevention, management, and transformation and strengthening constituencies and political will for conflict transformation and durable peace.

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A panel discussion on youth activism and transition in Egypt at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars bringing together an Egyptian democracy and human rights activist and American academics. (Photo courtesy of the Wilson Center.)

The Project on Middle East Democracy, Inc.
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, chair of the Aspen Institute’s Partners for a New Beginning (PNB), speaks with Turkish business and civil society leaders at a preliminary PNB meeting in Turkey in December 2010. (Photo courtesy of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.)
The Aspen Institute, Inc.

News and updates

Bipartisan Group of More Than 100 Diplomats Applaud Iran Nuclear Agreement

A group of more than 100 former American ambassadors sent a letter to President Obama supporting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran. The signers of the letter include diplomats who were appointed by Republican and Democratic presidents. The Iran Project, which organized the letter, was cofounded by the United Nations Association of the United States of America and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in 2002.

The Iran Project Welcomes the Announcement of a Framework for a Comprehensive Nuclear Agreement with Iran

The Iran Project has released a statement on the April 2nd announcement detailing the framework agreement reached by Iran and the United States along with five other world powers to limit Iran's nuclear program. The statement applauds the achievement reached after 18 months of complex negotiations, while recognizing there is still more work to be done.

Environmentalists Exemplify Healthy Interdependency in the Middle East

Thomas Friedman highlights RBF grantee, EcoPeace Middle East, as a model of "healthy interdependency," which he argues is the only way to enduring peace and security in the region. EcoPeace Middle East is led by Gidon Bromberg, an Israeli environmental lawyer, Nader al-Khateeb, a Palestinian water expert, and Munqeth Mehyar, a Jordanian architect.