Democratic Practice

  • Democracy Matters Institute
    Democracy Matters Institute
    Democracy Matters trains young people how to be effective grassroots organizers, and supports full public financing of election campaigns and other pro-democracy reforms.
  • Public Citizen Foundation, Inc.
    Public Citizen Foundation, Inc.
    Public Citizen Foundation's project Global Trade Watch promotes government and corporate accountability in the globalization and trade arena.

The Democratic Practice program seeks to strengthen the vitality of democracy in the United States and in global governance. The program’s core ideas—that for democracy to flourish and deliver on its promises its citizens must be engaged, empowered, and assertive, and institutions of governance must be inclusive, transparent, accountable, and responsive—provide a frame for the Fund’s Democratic Practice work in the United States and in global governance.

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Protesting proposed ownership rule change in front of the FCC in 2008. (Photo courtesy of Rodney Choice.)
Free Press
Held annually the first week in May, Public Service Recognition Week is a nationwide program that honors the contributions of public employees. As part of the 2010 commemoration, the Partnership held a celebration on the National Mall that involved more than 100 government offices and agencies and attracted more than 40,000 visitors.
Partnership for Public Service, Inc.

GTW Research Director Todd Tucker interviewed by Spanish-language media during a protest against the Colombia Free Trade Agreement in September, 2008. (Photo by Brandon Wu)

Public Citizen Foundation, Inc.

News and updates

Pluribus Brings Together 14 Projects Reconnecting Political Campaigns with the Public

The Pluribus Project announced a portfolio of Political Game Changers to tackle some of the biggest problems facing our democracy. A nonpartisan special initiative with the Aspen Institute, it works to develop new ways to move political campaigns beyond big money and extreme ideologies to become more responsive to broad public interests.

Kosovo’s Future Power Infrastructure Reaches a Turning Point

A new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis and the Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development, finds that a constructing another coal-fired power plant in Kosovo would be the wrong direction for the country’s development.

Resetting the Balance in Our Election Systems

The balance of political influence needs to be shifted from the few with money to the many, said Lucas Welch, executive director of the Pluribus Project, at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Introducing a panel discussion about money in politics, Welch pointed to public frustration with elected government and the influence of corporate spending. Panelists included leaders of The Pluribus Project, Take Back our Republic, Demos and