Before You Apply

Application Process

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is highly engaged in the fields in which the RBF provides support. Staff members actively identify organizations that are well-positioned to meet programmatic goals. While the Fund remains open to unsolicited requests, applicants should be aware that the likelihood of an unsolicited request becoming a grant is low. The online grant inquiry is the starting point for requesting a grant.

Prospective Applicants

To learn if the RBF is a potential funder of your work, prospective applicants should:

Read the Program Guidelines
Does your work relate to one of the Fund’s current program areas?

Search Grants
Is your work in line with recent grant awards?

Review What We Fund
Is your proposed project compatible with the RBF's funding practices?

Did you answer yes to all of the above? If so, there may be a match between your proposed work and the RBF's funding priorities.

Online Grant Inquiry

Applications for funding are considered throughout the year. The first step for prospective applicants is to submit an online grant inquiry. The review process may take up to three months from the time the inquiry is received.

Staff review each inquiry for fit within current program guidelines, funding priorities, and budget constraints. If there is interest in considering a grant, staff will contact the applicant for additional information, including a detailed proposal. Applicants should not send a full proposal unless requested to do so by Fund staff. The review process may take up to three months from the time the inquiry is received.

The following link will take potential applicants to the Fund's eligibility quiz and online grant inquiries.

Program Grants

Applicants interested in the Fund's arts and cultural grantmaking in New York City can click on the link below to learn more about this application process.

Charles E. Culpeper Arts & Culture Grants


If you are still unsure of whether to apply for funding, contact us at grantsmgmt [at] rbf [dot] org, before submitting a grant inquiry.


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