2030, Inc. is working to achieve a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by changing the way cities, communities, and buildings are renovated, planned, designed, and built.

Connect the Dots was a one-day event organized by that continues to have an impact in raising awareness. In the United States, in the months that followed, western wildfires, drought in the Midwest, and Hurricane Sandy along the east coast brought the impact of severe weather closer to home for millions of Americans.

"The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York has a very important word in its title, which is ‘alliance'," said Executive Director Virginia P. Loloudes. "It's a group that has formed a partnership or an agreement that we are going to do this together."

The Americas Society's Hispanic Integration Initiative fosters greater awareness of immigration reform, promotes positive dialogue around the contributions of immigrants to the U.S. economy and society overall, and partners with stakeholders to facilitate immigrants’ integration into new destinations across the country.

"As the population of Spanish-speakers in New York and across the nation continues to proliferate, the role of El Museo del Barrio becomes even more integral to the preservation and presentation of Latino arts and culture."