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Local Philanthropy Serves as a Lifeline for Civil Society and Community Organizations

As civil society operates in an increasingly hostile space, the role of local, grassroots grantmakers has never been more important, according to Jenny Hodgson, executive director of the Global Fund for Community Foundations.

Stephen Heintz Calls for Sound Institutional Investing

Citizens concerned about public health, land degradation, and clean air standards have driven coal from the market, said RBF President Stephen Heintz in an editorial for on April 21, 2016.

Pluribus Brings Together 14 Projects Reconnecting Political Campaigns with the Public

The Pluribus Project announced a portfolio of Political Game Changers to tackle some of the biggest problems facing our democracy. A nonpartisan special initiative with the Aspen Institute, it works to develop new ways to move political campaigns beyond big money and extreme ideologies to become more responsive to broad public interests.